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Note regarding the usage of park

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Note regarding the usage of park

In order for our visitors to have a pleasant time, the following actions are prohibited.

  1. Damaging, abusing or creating a mess in the park facility.
  2. Trimming trees and plants, and picking flowers, fruits and seeds.
  3. Taking or piling earth, stones, trees and plants.
  4. Capturing or wounding and killing animals.
  5. Entering restricted areas in the park.
  6. Driving vehicles to places other than the parking lot inside the park.
  7. Posting posters, notices and other advertisements.
  8. Using flammable items such gas stoves and kerosene cooking stove, or making bonfires.
  9. Creating noise and sound that annoys other visitors.
  10. Smoking and disposing trash in places other than the designated areas.
  11. Actions that affect the safety of other visitors or the regular use of park facilities.

The following items must not be carried or used inside the park.

  1. Guns and swords (model gun, air gun, wooden sword, bamboo sword, metal fake sword, etc.)
  2. Fireworks, gunpowder, gas, oil, fuel, etc.
  3. Wheeled objects (unicycle, roller skates, inline skates, skateboard, kickboard, roller shoes, etc.)
  4. Boomerang, bow and arrow, slingshot, RC airplane, etc.
  5. Metal or wooden bat or baseball
  6. Golf club, etc.
  7. Other items determined by staff members to be likely to either interfere with the safe and pleasant usage of park or to cause damage in the park facilities.

The following actions require advance approval of park manager.

Furthermore, actions not related to the park will not be approved. Please see here for details.

  1. Selling or distributing goods.
  2. Exclusively using the entire or part of the park for competition, assembly and exhibition.
  3. Fund raising, signature collecting campaign, questionnaire survey or examining plants and animals.
  4. Photography or location for commercial purposes or for collecting membership fees, etc.
  5. Holding events for which dates are announced in advance and participants are recruited.
  6. Putting up signs or banners in the park.

Regarding photography and location, and lending of materials in the park.

Advance approval of park manager is required for photography (excluding personal photography and videotaping) or doing locations at this park (applies for lending out materials also).
See here for details. (only in Japanese)

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL:0980-48-2748 / FAX:0980-48-2749