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Feature on plants

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We will guide you to see some rare plants!


Bougainvillea, along with Hibiscus, is one of the flowering trees that represent the tropics.
See here for details


It is said that there are in fact over 5,000 garden species of the tropical flower Hibiscus. We will introduce some that were introduced at the Hibiscus exhibit, and also announce the results of the Hibiscus naming contest.

See here for details

African Baobab

“White fairy that blooms on a 1,000 year-old tree” See how it blooms only at the Tropical Dream Center.

See here for details

Royal Water Lily

A mysterious water plant of South America “Royal Water Lily”. It has a huge leaf with a maximum diameter of 80 inches! Pry into the hidden secret of the flower the blooms for two days.

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Insectivorous plant

Capture insects by ingenious traps and digest them for nutrients! But why do they capture insects?

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There are attractions besides plants here.

There may be an impression that there are only plants at the Tropical Dream Center, but in fact, there are other hidden attractions.

Animals and insects of Tropical Dream Center

There are Pirarucu and Redtail catfish in the pond of the Victoria greenhouse. Arowana and Angelfish are leisurely swimming in the Lotus pond.
You might be able to see Idea leuconoe or also known as “lady of tropical island”, Japan’s largest dragonfly Anotogaster sieboldii as well as Sympetrum darwinianum and Sympetrum frequens which are brightly colored depending on the season.

About the guided flower tour

How about having fun learning about orchids and other interesting tropical flowers and fruits?

Specialized staff will guide you through the facility and explain about the flowers and fruits in season in a way that’s easy to understand. You are welcome to join!

guided flower tour

[Day and time]
2 sessions every day (Duration: about 30 minutes)
  • 11:00
  • 14:00
[Appointed time]
5 minutes prior to starting time (sign up on the day of your visit)
[Meeting place]
In front of the information counter in the Stained Glass Hall.
15 people
Admission only
10% discount ticket to be used inside the facility for food, drink or shopping (*valid for the day of issue only)

*Advance notification is required for participation at a time other than that noted above or in a group of 15 or more.