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Play and learn at the arboretum

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Play at the arboretum

The Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum offers ground golf on the vast ground and plant craft experience at the Plant Management Center every day.

Ground golf

Ground golf

The arboretum offers free ground golf! There are a total of 24 holes and you can choose either the long course (24 holes) or the short course (8 holes). Enjoy the scenery of the trees while playing with family and friends in the sample garden full of greenery!

Experience the plants of Okinawa Plant craft experience


The Arboretum rest areaoffers free plant craft experiences using flowers and leaves based on different themes every month.

Learn at the arboretum

Experience the plants of Okinawa Plant Observation Tour


The guide will introduce the flowers in season and other highlights, and will explain about the plants and facilities in a tour around the arboretum.
*advance reservation required

Environmental study

Environmental study

It is a program that provides the opportunity to have fun learning and thinking about wild creatures and nature.
*advance reservation required

Experiential learning of tropical plant management skills

Tropical plant management skills

We provide the opportunity for elementary school students to college students to acquire skills and knowledge about tropical plants through experiencing the jobs of the arboretum. Also, as an environmental study program, we provide the opportunity to experience plant cultivation using the facility within the arboretum.