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Sunset Square

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The view of the beautiful red sunset is superb!

The Sunset Square is near the Dream Center Parking lot and is also accessible by Electric Trolley.
The flower stairs in the center are also beautiful, and there is a place for families to relax and enjoy as well. (The flower stairs also have an accessible slope). The plaza facing the East China Sea is also full of various play equipment for children to enjoy, and a beautiful sunset can be seen on clear days.

The view of the beautiful red sunset is superb!

General description of Sunset Square

  • Location: In the Ocean Expo Park near the Tropical Dream Center
  • price:free of charge
  • Capacity: About 200 people
Sunset Square

“Aqua Town” play equipment information

  • price:free of charge
  • Children: 3 - 12 yrs. old *3 - 6 yrs. olds must be accompanied by a guardian.

Tube slider (tunnel shaped slide), spiral pipe slider (slide from 3rd to 1st floor) Wall climb (climb a wall following the grips) Hello pipe (voice and sound will reach a distant location) “Binoculars” that enable to see distant scenery. There are a total of 43 items including “benches” to rest on.

Sunset Square


Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL:0980-48-2741 / FAX:0980-48-3339