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Kids’ Adventure Land

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Kids’ Adventure Land

Children’s eyes start to shine, a paradise to play freely!

The Kid’s Adventure Land of the Ocean Expo Park is an area equipped with Japan’s largest net playing equipment. It is themed on “the sea of Okinawa”. There are 4 zones expressing various characteristics of the sea of Okinawa. Among them is the “Open Sea Zone” where a blue net representing the vast expanse of sea is widely stretched. Please utilize with family for fieldtrips and picnics.

Place Inside the Ocean Expo Park (P7 between the multi-story parking lot and the aquarium)
Facility scale 32 acres / playing net equipment, 208 surfaces, playing equipment for infants, 5 locations, water mist, 3 locations, rest houses, 2 locations
※The garden path is designed by taking into consideration the use of wheelchairs.

Zone description

  1. Ripplet Zone【expresses waves washing up against the shore】net, cushion playing equipment
  2. Kuroshio Current Zone【expresses the rapid current of Kuroshio】net playing equipment
  3. Open Sea Zone【expresses the vast expanse of sea】net playing equipment
  4. Deep Sea Zone【expresses the mystique of the deep sea】net, cushion playing equipment

※In addition, there is soft playing equipment for small children that represent sea creatures.


Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL:0980-48-2741 / FAX:0980-48-3339