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Souvenir shops

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We sell original items which formed the shape of "Meeting with Okinawan Sea"

Museum Shop "Blue Manta"

Located on the 1st Floor of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. We offer popular cell-phone straps, stuffed toys, and Okinawa's famous confection made from Okinawan purple sweet potatoes. Moreover, we have original T-shirts that you can only buy here, a variety of original items, and souvenir snacks like custard petit cake.

Souvenir Shop "Yanbaru no mori"

Located in the Park information Center "Haisai Plaza" We offer original T-shirts, glass art, food straight from the farm, etc.

Okichan Shop

Located in the "Park Center", near Okichan Theater and Dolphin Lagoon.
We offer confections such as "Chinsuko", stuffed toys, and original souvenir products like towels.

Beach Shop

Located at Emerald Beach (Opens from April 1st through October 31st.) You can buy various items you need for swimming such as swimwear and a swim ring. Moreover, we offer original T-shirts, Japanese hand towels, and all sorts of souvenirs.
Beach umbrellas and chairs are available for rent.

Museum Shop "Nangoku"

Located in front of the main entrance of Tropical Dream Center. No Admission ticket necessary.

We offer popular orchid pods such as Vanilla, Cooktown, and Phalaenopsis orchids. In addition, we have original handkerchiefs and T-shirts.

Names Locations
 Museum Shop "Blue Manta" On the 1st Floor of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
 Souvenir Shop "Yanbaru no mori" Park information Center 「Haisai Plaza」
 Okichan Shop "Park Center" near Dolphin Lagoon
 Beach Shop Emerald Beach (Opens from April to October)
 Museum Shop "Nangoku" Tropical Dream Center (No Admission ticket necessary)