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Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum


Brown sugar factory (Sahtahyah)

Sugar compressor for squeezing sugar cane

In farming villages in the past, there were small brown sugar huts (Sahtahyah) where sugar cane was squeezed with a sugar compressor pulled by horses and cattle and made into brown sugar.Sugar cane used to be grown for syrup, but in 1623, Shinjo Gima, who studied sugar manufacturing methods in China, attempted to produce sugar at home with a wooden compressor.Afterwards, it was upgraded and was made of stone, then made of metal, and in 1908, a western-style sugar refinery factory was built, and the sugar industry of Okinawa was innovated to a whole new level.This is how the sugar compressor was used for manufacturing brown sugar.

Location within the park