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2019.08.28 最新情報

Notice on Mid-Autumn Celebration 2019 and Advance Reservations

A two-day event titled “Chūshū-no-Utage (Mid-Autumn Celebration),” reproducing celebrations that used to be held during the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom, is scheduled to be held on September 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday) at Shurijō Castle Park.

This is an event where visitors can enjoy Ryukyuan classical dance and Kumi-odori, which have been nurtured by the history of the Ryukyus, under the harvest moon. Supreme performances of traditional performing arts by Living National Treasures will be shown on the 14th, and a contest to select the king and queen will be held on the 15th. This event will be open to public viewing. It will be a great opportunity to experience the magnificent culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom against the backdrop of the Shurijō Castle Seiden.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the park.
* Details of performances will be announced as soon as they have been finalized.

Date of event

  • Saturday, September 14, 2019 and Sunday, September 15, 2019


  • Special stage set up in the Una Courtyard at Shurijō Castle Park


  • Special stage set up in the Una Courtyard at Shurijō Castle Park


  • (1st day) Ryukyuan dance (classical), Kumi-odori, performances and dances by Living National Treasures
  • (2nd day) Ryukyuan dance (classical), Kumi-odori, Shurijō Castle Festival King & Queen Contest (open to public viewing)

Fee (each day)

  • 1,000yen (designated block seating)
  • 500yen (standing)
    * Seated tickets require advance reservation (available at the door if there is a vacancy; standing tickets sold at the door only.
    ・Advance reservations hours: 10:00 to 18:00, August 28 (Wednesday) through September 6 (Friday)
    ・Click here for details on advance reservations and viewing ticket purchases.
    * The event viewing fee is different from the admission fee and will be an additional charge.

* On the two days of the “Mid-Autumn Celebration,” the closing time of the Shurijō Castle Hōshinmon Gate (paid area) will be changed to 17:00 (admission ticket window will close at 16:30) for preparation for setting up the event venue, and the Shurijō Castle Park closing time will be changed to 22:00.
In line with this, there will be no guide (free guide) for visitors normally scheduled at 17:00.
In addition, please understand beforehand that 3rd performance time for the year-round event “Traditional Performing Arts Performance” will be changed to 15:30-16:00 from 16:00-16:30.
* Please do not bring pets, food, and drinks.
* During the period of the event, visitors will not be allowed to enter the Nanden / Bandokoro (guard station), Shoin / Sasunoma, Kugani Udun / Yuinchi / Kinjū-Tsumesho, Okushoin, Seiden, Hokuden, and Ouchibara.
* Program may be changed or canceled due to inclement weather. Please check our website, Facebook, etc. for the latest information.

Advance reservations

* Reception only available in Japanese.


・Advance reservations for seated tickets will be accepted by phone or email. * Standing tickets will only be sold same day.

Make a reservation → Reservation tickets will be mailed → On the day of the reservation, show your reservation ticket(s) at a dedicated reception window at the Shichanu Una (13: 00-17: 30) → Pay the fee and receive your seat ticket → Check your seating block → Enter at the opening time.

(Required information)

  1. Name
  2. Postal code / address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Email address *Please adjust your email settings so that you can receive email from the reservation office.
  5. Desired viewing date *You can make a reservation for two days, and the same amount will be charged for each day.
  6. Desired number of tickets (up to four tickets per person making the reservation)
    * If you plan to use a wheelchair or stroller, please let us know in advance.
    * A fee will be charged for the seating area for anyone three years old or older. If you intend to have a child younger than three years old occupy a seat, please purchase a seated ticket.
    * Please contact us in advance by all means in case of cancellation.
    * Personal information obtained from customers will not be used for other than the intended purpose.

(Contact information for reservations)

Mid-Autumn Celebration Ticket Reservation Office

Sales of same-day viewing tickets

Viewing tickets include seated tickets (to be exchanged for reservation tickets) that require advance reservation and standing tickets sold at the door.

  • Viewing ticket sales hours: From 13:00 on each day
    * A reservation ticket must be exchanged by 17:30, after which it will be automatically cancelled. Please be careful.
  • Where to purchase viewing tickets: A tent specially set up at Shichanu Una
  • Payment must be made in cash only.
  • Seated tickets may be sold at the door if there is a vacancy.
  • Seats are limited. If the capacity is exceeded, no more tickets will be sold.


  • Reservation tickets and same-day tickets will not be reissued. Please be careful not to lose them.
  • A reservation ticket does not guarantee a specific seat. You will receive a block-specific admission ticket in exchange for the reservation ticket when you make the payment, and you are free to sit down on any available seat within the block.
  • You will receive an event admission ticket for a seated ticket or a wristband for a standing ticket. These will be required when re-entering the event area, so be careful not to lose them.
  • In the seating area, one wheelchair or a stroller will be counted as one seat.
    *Please note that there is no storage area for strollers.
  • Seated tickets are ¥1,000 yen per day for each seat. If you do not use a seat, such as placing a child under the age of three on your lap, no fee will be charged for that child.
  • The standing area is free for children under six years old (preschoolers), and strollers may be brought in free of charge.
  • If the event is canceled due to bad weather before the performance, the fee will be refunded. A viewing ticket (event admission ticket / wristband) is required for the refund.
  • Please understand that once the performance starts, there will be no refunds if the event is interrupted or canceled due to inclement weather or other reasons.
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