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The Magnificent Shurijo Castle, the Center of Politics, Diplomacy, and Culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom

Shurijo Castle Park Facility Information Map

Free Admission Area

  • The Road to the Seiden

    Here, we will introduce the way to the Seiden from the parking lot at Suimuikan and through the Shureimon.

  • Vicinity of the Seiden

    In the area around the Seiden, there are various places to see such as the Iri-no Azana, an observation point where you can command a view of Naha City. Every morning at Hoshinmon, there is a gate opening ceremony called the Ukejo.

Other Facilities

  • Shops Restaurant

    Introduction of café and restaurant facilities where visitors can enjoy Ryukyuan cuisine, goya (bitter melon) juice and other local tastes, and our shops where you can purchase original Shurijo Castle Park gifts.

  • Rest Area, Exhibition Room, and General Information

    The Suimuikan functions as an information center for the Shurijo Castle Park, and the facility is also for our visitors to rest and to see our informational exhibits.

  • Cultural Properties in the Vicinity

    Within the Shurijo Castle Park, there are numerous historical buildings and sites that have been passed down from the bygone era, some as far back as the dynasty period.

Plants Seen within the Park

  • Plants Seen at Kyo-no Uchi