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Tropical Dream Center

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Facility Description

Tropical Dream Center


There are three greenhouses that exhibit over 2,000 orchids at all times at the Tropical Dream Center of the Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa, which invites visitors to another world.
In addition to orchids, the greenhouse has tropical and subtropical flowers blooming and tropical fruits growing.
Enjoy a relaxing time and the dreamlike space surrounded by the scent of orchids.

Orchids of the Tropical Dream Center


A kind of orchid that can be found in the tropical and subtropical region of Southeast Asia. The name stands for “like a moth” in Greek. In Japan, it’s called “Kocholan” which comes from comparing the appearance of the flower to a butterfly). It is popular and often used as a gift. Enjoy the colorful Phalaenopsis orchids at the Tropical Dream Center.


A kind of orchid that can be found in Southeast Asia and Australia. The Tropical Dream Center not only displays it in pots, but also exhibits it hanging with its roots exposed. How about experiencing an amazing feeling like being in a jungle?


A kind of orchid that is found in Central and South America. It is called the “Queen of flowers” from the luxurious appearance and the fine scent of the flower. Enjoy the carpet of beautiful flowers and the scent that spreads out when the door of the greenhouse is opened.


A major genus of orchid which is found in Southeast Asia and has over 1,000 known family species. Not only is the foundation stock worth seeing, but also a cultivar called Vappodes phalaenopsis. Furthermore, an orchid indigenous to Yambaru, D. okinawense, is a must-see.


A kind of orchid broadly found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America. It is also called “Dancing lady orchid” from its appearance of looking like a lady dancing in a dress. Since these are species that have a sweet scent, please look at them closely.


A kind of orchid that is found in Central and South America. Tropical Dream Center shows a variety of Epidendrum plants from a type which has small flowers blooming in lumps to a type that has a kite-shaped flower. Come to find out which types they are.


A kind of orchid that is found in tropical and subtropical Asia, centering in the Southeast Asia. Its name stands for “Venus’s slippers” in Greek, which comes from a part of its petal being like a bag.

Resting place and shop

Free resting place “Urizun”, tropical fruit café “Squall”

Free resting place “Urizun”, tropical fruit café “Squall” Inside the Tropical Dream Center are various facilities such as a free resting place “Urizun” for a moment of relief, a tropical fruit café “Squall”, and a museum shop that sells orchids and original goods.
Interior photo of the free resting place “Urizun” Free resting place “Urizun” & tropical fruit café “Squall”How about a moment of relief at the resting place basking in the afterglow of viewing many plants.

Free resting place “Urizun” is a space for a rest featuring a view of a beautiful garden out the window. Inside the resting place is a tropical fruit café “Squall” which serves not only coffee and tea, but also tropical drinks and Blue Seal ice cream. It also serves light meals such as taco rice and pancakes.

The free resting place “Urizun” features a view of the beautiful sea and Ie Island out the window. It’s marvelous scenery!

Museum shop “Nangoku”

Museum shop “Nangoku” [Place] Inside the Stained Window Hall

The museum shop “Nangoku” is full of wonderful goods such as original T-shirts and hand-dyed scarves of the Tropical Dream Center.
It also sells seedlings of Western orchids such as Cattleya and Phalaenopsid, and depending on the season, Okinawan orchids such as Sedirea japonica and Trichoglottis ionosma. It offers services such as gift wrapping (extra charge) and delivery to other prefectures.