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Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Nirai-kanai Praying Spot

Worship the utopia where gods live

There is a legend and belief in various parts of the Nansei Islands that God comes from “Nirai-kanai” and brings happiness. Nirai-kanai is referred to as “Niruya-kanaya” in the “Omorosauishi”, and there are regions on the main island of Okinawa that call it “Gireh-kaneh”. Because “Niruya” is a word that is related to the ocean, and from assumption based on festival songs, Niruya-kanaya is believed to be a paradise or utopia across the sea where gods live. It is believed that the gods of Nirai-kanai bring happiness and peace to the villages to which they are invited. The praying spot is located in a place with a distant view of the ocean.

Location within the park