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Central Gate

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Welcome to the world of “sun, flower and ocean” that Okinawa proudly presents!

The Central Gate is the main entrance of the Ocean Expo Park. Okinawa’s guardian deity “Sheesah” welcomes everyone.

It is the main entrance to “Ocean Expo Park”
Central Snack

Central Snack

At the “Central Snack” located near the entrance, soft ice cream and cold drinks are available.Near the “Central Snack” is a branch post office which sells postage stamps and provides mail service.

Park Information Center(Haisai Plaza)

Park Information Center(Haisai Plaza)

Down the stairs inside the Central Gate and just to the right is the “Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza)”, and in front is the “Fountain Plaza”. Park pamphlets are distributed at the “Haisai Plaza”. Inside the building is a souvenir shop called “Yanbaru No Mori”, and “Café Tiida” which serves light meals.

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There are locations near the Central Gate for taking souvenir photos.
Especially from late January through late February during the “Churaumi Flower Festival”. Beautiful flowers decorate the park all the way down to the Fountain Plaza. There is also a photo spot decorated with flowers.