1. Directions


424 Ishikawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa, 905-0206

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Travel Time

There are several ways to access Ocean Expo Park from Naha, by car, expressway bus, route bus, and taxi.

By Car

On the expressway

Travel Time: approximately two hours from Naha Airport

On local roads

Travel Time: approx two hours and 50 minutes from Naha Airport

*The time may defer according to traffic. Local roads are especially congested during rush hour on weekdays.

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Car navigation system
Some car navigation systems may not recognize “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” when searching for it. In this case, please enter “Ocean Expo Commemorative Park” or “Ocean Expo Park.”

TEL:0980-48-2741 or 0980-48-3748

By Bus

Travel Time varies between approximately two hours twenty minutes and three and a half hours from Naha Airport.
There are 2 ways to visit Ocean Expo Park from Naha Airport by bus.

  1. If you take the Yanbaru Express Bus/Expressway bus No.117/Okinawa Limousine Bus, you can go to the aquarium without transferring.
  2. If you take an Expressway bus No.111 or a Local bus, you should change the bus at Nago Bus Terminal.
    *Please get off the “Kinen Koen Mae” bus stop when you get the Yanbaru Express Bus, Expressway bus No.117, and Local Bus.
    *In the case of rain, We recommend you would take the bus stop of "Centurion Hotel and Resort Vintage Okinawa Churaumi" located near the Ocean Expo Park, because of having a roof.

*The time may defer according to traffic Local roads are especially congested in various places during rush hour.

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By Bus

Bus stop

Aboard-Buses Guidance①
  • Okinawa Airport Shuttle
Aboard-Buses Guidance②[2]
  • Yanbaru Express Bus
  • No.111
  • No.117
  • Churaumi Liner
Aboard-Buses Guidance③
  • Nago Bus Turminal
Aboard-Buses Guidance⑫
  • Limousine Bus

Return bus

Return bus

The bus stops are located in front of the Central Gate

Check here too! Other ways to access
You can also use buses that include Ocean Expo Park and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium courses in their various touring plans.
For more details please refer to “Yanbaru Travel” (やんばる旅なび).


By Taxi

Sightseeing Taxi

Taxi companies and private taxis will offer you various sightseeing plans including an Ocean Expo Park tour. For further information, please contact below.

Okinawa prefecture Taxi Association TEL:098-855-1344

Taxi (using the expressway)

Travel Time : Approximately two hours from Naha Airport

Return taxi

The taxi stand is located in front of the Central Gate.