2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon) Flower Island Okinawa ~A Collaboration Between Orchids and the Flowers of Okinawa~

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Come and see the wondrous world of flowers created by the more than 20,000 orchids that cover the venue of one of the world’s biggest orchid shows.Admission Fee Only

Let’s see various orchids!

Prime Minister Award Winning Orchid

This show is the only orchid show in Japan which receives Prime Minister Award. The Grand Champion plant is a must-see!

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Grand Champion 2018 : Prime Minister Award
Mr.Masahiro Saito(Ibaraki Pref)

flower arrangements in the theme "Asian Orchid-

There are so many beautiful orchids in South-East Asia. You can see the wonderful orchids world.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Orchid Flower Table Arrangementby Ambassadress and Ambassador’s wife

Enjoy the exotic mood of table arrangements created by ambassadresses and ambassador's wives of various countries.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Young Orchid EnthusiastsExhibition of orchids grown by elementary school children

Elementary school children in Iheya islamd and Izena island learn how to grow moth-orchids. During the show period, orchids children have bloomed and growth record will be exhibited together.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Flower Design Exhibition

2 February(Sat)~4(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Ikebana Exhibition

8 February(Fri)~11(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Okinawa Kadou Renmei

Let’s learn more about orchids!

Let’s learn & Love orchids!

We will introduce native orchids and nature in Okinawa in the panel. Also, we will show you the exemplar model for your life with orchids.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Lecture on Orchids

Keynote lectures are given by orchid professionals. Lectures are given in English, and Japanese translation available.
"The rich nature and orchids in Taiwan"(Tian_Chuan_Hsu)
"The history of Japanese Orchid Community"(Ryoichi Ohba)

2 February(Sat)

Okinawa churaumi aquarium 4F event hole


70 people

Make reservation at 0980-48-3782

Let’s enjoy with children!

Orchid Present Quiz

Try the Orchid quiz! If you can correct them all, you can enter for the orchid lottery!

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Okinawa Economic Federation of Agricultural Co-op; Okinawa Floricultural Cooperative Association

Stamp Rally

Collect stamps as you go along the show venue! When you collect all stamps, you can get Tropical Dream Center original seal. For elementary school students and under.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8:30am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

Photo Spot


Professional photographer will take you. You can also get free one photo sheet!

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

Orchid Sale & Dondruma Stand

Sales Turkey ice "Dondoruma" made from orchids! Try orchid’s taste!


Let’s become friendly with orchids!

Corsage Workshop

It’s a very popular workshop for women. Let’s make orchid cosage!

2 February(Sat)・4 February(Mon)


Members of Nippon Flower Designer’s Association Okinawa branch

Mini Ikebana Workshop and Ikebana demonstrations

You can experience orchid ikebana. There are also ikebana demonstrations.

8 February(Fri)~11 February(Mon)


Members of Okinawa Kadou Renmei

Orchid Wedding
FM Okinawa live broadcast

8 February(Fri)


Wedding ceremony of the chosen couple in public. Live broadcast of FM Okinawa famous program "Happy Island". You can enjoy the guest live.

Yanbaru Information Corner

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

8am~5:30pm(last admission 5pm)

You can get Information about the "food" and "flower" of the "Yanbaru" her! Sales of specialty products also performed.

The Orchid legends - men who built Okinawa International Orchid Show-

Okinawa International Orchid Show has been held since the opening of Tropical Dream Center, and counts 33th anniversary this year. You can see the orchid legends.

2 February(Sat)~11 February(Mon)

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Notice of closed
Tropical Dream Center will be closed on Jan. 31st (Thu) and Feb 12th (Tue) due to the arrangements for Okinawa International Orchid Show 2019.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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