Operation Hours

Operation Hours

Hours of Operation(Free Area)

Admission Free Areas:Kankaimon, Kobikimon, Kyukeimon

Period Hours of Operation
April-June 8:00~19:30
July-September 8:00~20:30
October-November 8:00~19:30
December-March 8:00~18:30

Hours of Operation(Paid Area)

Paid Admission Areas:Houshinmon,Yohokoriden,Agari-no-Azana

Period Hours of Operation Final Ticket Sales
April-June 8:30~19:00 18:30
July-September 8:30~20:00 19:30
October-November 8:30~19:00 18:30
December-March 8:30~18:00 17:30

Please check here for the parking lot operation hours.

Closed Days

Parts of the Shurijo Castle Park facilities are closed: on the first Wednesday and the following day in July.

Facilities that will be closed are:

(Including the restaurant, shop, and underground parking lot)

※Underground parking lot will not be available for use. Please use the public bus, monorail or other means of transportation when visiting.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL:098-886-2020  FAX:098-886-2022
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