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Wheelchair Access

Shuri castle barrier free correspondence

For our elderly visitors and visitors with physical challenges, we have rental wheelchairs, wheelchair elevator, lift, slopes, accessible washrooms and others for a pleasant visit to our Park.

Wheelchair rentals are available free of charge. Please ask a staff or security personnel for assistance.

Rental Area Numbers Available
Suimuikan General Information Counter(B1) 2 Wheelchairs, 2electric wheelchair, 3cane
B2 Parking Lot 6 WheelHoshinmon
Houshinmon Front of the Information Room 3 Wheelchairs,, 3cane


About assistance dogs

Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs as stipulated in the Act on Assistance Dogs for Physically Disabled Persons are permitted to enter the park.

  • guide dog
This dog is trained to guide visually impaired people, alerting them to obstacles and helping them walk safely and quickly.

  • service dog
They are trained to assist people with disabilities in their hands, legs, etc. (physically disabled people) in their daily lives.

  • hearing dog
They are trained to replace the ears of people who are severely deaf.



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