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Shurijo Castle Park Visitor’s Guide

Please read before your visit.
Shurijo Castle Park is situated atop a small hill that is 120 to 130 meters in altitude.
The hill overlooks the neighborhoods of Naha and this hill in Shuri was revered by the people.
As the grounds of the Shurijo Castle Park are restored and maintained as it was during the period of the Ryukyu Kingdom era, there are numerous hills, steps, and stone-paved paths. On your visit, we recommend you wear comfortable footwear.
On Using Mobile Devices While Walking
It is very dangerous to walk while using your smartphone or mobile phones. We ask you to refrain from suddenly stopping to operate or talk on your mobile devices.
We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Operation Hours
  • Access, Parking
  • Barrier-Free
  • Coin-Operated Lockers, Strollers, First Aid Room, ATM, Currency Exchange
  • Image Loans, Photo Shoots and Location Filming in the Park Grounds
  • Download Pamphlet
  • 琉球王国を巡る旅~アメリカ人ライターの眼差し~
  • Requests for Park Visitors

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