2019-2020 Program of Events

Mid-Autumn Celebration 2019

Mensore (Welcome) to Shurijo Castle

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Visitor Comments
  • Very powerful and overwhelming. The structures were beautiful and the scent of lacquer was very unique; I was very excited. I want to come back when I’m older.
  • The quality and hospitality offered at the tea service in Sasunoma were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I think what they offer is great.
  • I was intrigued at seeing such historic structures. I want to research more before I revisit again.
  • All the staff were dressed in costumes from the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom or other traditional clothing, and that really enhanced the scene and atmosphere. The older gentlemen in their black costumes especially looked nice and the costume was tasteful.

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Official Facebook Page

We’ve created an official Shurijo Castle Park Facebook page.

We’ll be introducing great events at Shurijo Castle Park, historical and cultural episodes the Ryukyu Kingdom, and newest information from our staff!

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Mensore (Welcome) to Shurijo Castle
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