The Suimuikan functions as the information center for Shurijo Castle. The facility has informational exhibits and is used for the visitors to rest and enjoy a break during their visit to Shurijo Castle Park.

The Suimuikan holds the visitor’s lobby, information room, general information counter, restaurant, shops, parking lot, and others. The information room exhibits models, panels, video and various other materials to learn more about Shurijo Castle.

The overall area of Shurijo Castle is about five hectares stretching approximately 400 meters east to west and 200 meters north to south, situated on a small hill about 120 to 130 meters in altitude.
Long ago, when looked upon from the Naha area, the people saw a hill that looked to be covered by lush green forest.

This hill in Shuri was considered to be sacred and was also referred to as Suimui, or the Shuri forest, and this is how this facility got its name.

Map of the Facility

Illustration map around the suimuikan

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