Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum

Environmental study

A program that provides the opportunity to have fun studying and thinking about wild creatures and nature. (free of charge, reservation required)

  • Examples of environmental study programs
    These are actual programs from the past. We offer various programs based on customer requests, so please feel free to let us know in advance.

Treasure hunting for all (for elementary school children)

There are pictures of insects on a 3×3 bingo card. Guess what the insects feed on by looking at the card. Hint: The place where that insect is usually at! We provide the opportunity to think about insects and the environment by playing bingo.

Leaf hunting game (for elementary school children)

Participants in groups collect leaves from various trees. It is a game to find one particular leaf out of that bunch. This provides an opportunity to think about the features of plants and nature.

Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum
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