Tropical Dream Center

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Feature on plants

We will guide you to see some rare plants!


Bougainvillea, along with Hibiscus, is one of the flowering trees that represent the tropics.

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It is said that there are in fact over 5,000 garden species of the tropical flower Hibiscus. We will introduce some that were introduced at the Hibiscus exhibit, and also announce the results of the Hibiscus naming contest.

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African Baobab

“White fairy that blooms on a 1,000 year-old tree” See how it blooms only at the Tropical Dream Center.

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Royal Water Lily

A mysterious water plant of South America “Royal Water Lily”. It has a huge leaf with a maximum diameter of 80 inches! Pry into the hidden secret of the flower the blooms for two days.

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Insectivorous plant

Capture insects by ingenious traps and digest them for nutrients! But why do they capture insects?

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Attractions other than plants!

There may be an impression that there are only plants at the Tropical Dream Center, but in fact there are other hidden attractions.

Arowanain Lotus Pond


Although Arowana swimming in a water tank can be seen anywhere, you can see it leisurely swimming in a large pond at the Lotus Pond of Tropical Dream Center.
You think it’s impossible to find the Arowana in the large Lotus Pond? Not at all. This Arowana shows its appearance quite often. However, please do not put your hand in the water. You might get bitten because the Arowana is an active fish.

Carps that wait to get fed with their mouths opened


There is a small bridge on the way to the corridor from the fruit tree greenhouse. There is a vending machine where you can purchase food for carp.
Feed them from the bridge and the carp will gather below with their mouths flapping open.

Number one in elegance in Japan!Idea leuconoe

Idea leuconoe

Idea leuconeo, also called the “lady of a tropical island”, is over 4 inches when its wings are open, and is known as the largest butterfly in Japan. It can be found on the Nansei Islands.

Within the Ocean Expo Park, Parsonsia alboflavescens (Apocynaceae) is grown as a larval food plant for the larva of Idea leuconeo. The Idea leuconeo at the Tropical Dream Center probably came flying in search of flower nectar. The gorgeous appearance of it gently floating with large wings slowly flapping fascinates people.