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Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Terminalia catappa

Terminalia catappa

General description

Omoro name Teshi
Japanese name Momotamana (Kobateishi)
Family name Combretaceae
Okinawan name Kufadihsah, Kubadehsa, Unhmahgih

Location within the park


Terminalia catappa is a tall tropical deciduous tree that is mainly found in maritime forests from the tropical regions of Africa and Asia to the Ryukyu Islands. Its large and obovate leaves grow closely together on the branch tips. It has a beautiful tree form due to its branches stretching out horizontally, and its leaves turning red from autumn to winter before falling. Its flower is small and white, and grows between April and July in clusters shaped like an ear of grain which are androgynous flowers with the male flower on top and female flower on the bottom. Its fruit is oval and becomes light yellow when it ripens between September and December., and bats like to eat it. Since the fruit is covered with cork layers, it gets propagated by the ocean current to the shores of various locations.


【tree】 : park tree, street tree, plantation for graveyard
【leaf】 : colorant
【wood】 : furniture material, shipbuilding material, construction material

Best Time To See Calendar

Omorosaushi (384 of Volume 7) Teshi

Meaning of the song
Pray for the line of pine trees that the king planted
To grow for a thousand years, until a thousand years old
Pray for the line of Livistona chinensis trees that the king planted
Pray for the line of Terminalia catappa trees that the king planted
To grow for a thousand years, until a thousand years old