Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Head family (Muhtuyah)

Residence of the founder of the village. (head family)

The village communities of Okinawa essentially face the south with a hill in the back, and many of them are located on a hillside or on the slope at the bottom of a hill. For these village communities that are located on a slope, it is typical for the residence of the community’s head family to be located on the top part of either the middle, left or right side of the hill, the second ranked families to be lined on the left and right one step lower, and the branch families to be located further below on the front side of the hill, spreading out wide toward the bottom. Also, in the back of the residence of the head family is an Utaki where the guardian god is enshrined, and there is a path called “God’s path” that stretches from the residence of the head family to the Utaki.

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