Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Facility description

Native Okinawan Village

The “Native Okinawan Village” is a reproduction of the villages of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Kingdom period (especially around 17th to 19th century). Private houses and elevated granaries are reproduced within a traditional form of village that consists of sacred sites (Utaki), water wells (Ugamigah) and Kami-asagi.

A life style full of communication between people still remains in Okinawa today. The Native Okinawan Village catches a glimpse of the village where such people lived. It offers various events which allow visitors to become familiar with Okinawa from the old days including Sanshin and Kachahshii experiences and seasonal events.

Omoro Botanical Garden

Also, within the compound is the “Omoro Botanical Garden” which features a collection of 22 types of plants which are native to Okinawa and appear in Okinawa’s oldest song collection “Omorosaushi”.

Opening hours

Period Opening hours Closing time
Normal period (Oct - Feb) 8:30am 5:30pm
Summer period (Mar - Sep) 8:30am 7:00pm

Closed days

We are closed every year on the first Wednesday of December and the following day for conducting equipment inspection of all facilities within the Ocean Expo Park (including the aquarium).


Observation is free of charge.

Facility information

Regarding pamphlets

Specialized pamphlets are available at the Haisai Plaza. Pamphlets are also available at the Deputy landlord’s residence. (free of charge)

Experience program of the old Okinawa life (free of charge)

Old ladies reproduce the life style of Okinawa from long ago, and joyfully welcome visitors. Free tea and snack are served, and experience programs such as playing Sanshin and traditional dancing are available.

Self-guide recording and written explanation

In each house, a self-guide recording with a button switch is available in Japanese, English and Chinese. When the button is pressed, recorded guidance will start automatically. Also, there are signs within the premises that have guidance written in Japanese, English and Chinese.

※When the button in each house is pressed, recorded guidance will start automatically.

※All signs are written in 3 languages.

Location within the Ocean Expo Park

Entering from the Central Gate is the closest. It is a 3 minute walk from the Haisai Plaza, located in front of the Oceanic Culture Museum.