Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Pleioblastus linearis

General description

Omoro name Take
Japanese name Ryukyuchiku
Family name Poaceae
Okinawan name Yambarudaki, Yamadaki

Location within the park


Pleioblastus linearis is a bamboo indigenous to the Ryukyu Islands and grows naturally on the islands of Okinawa (except for the Daitou Islands). It grows naturally on the shoulders of cliffs in the mountainous regions and is grown regionally at the top of a ridge line, especially on the peak or northern slope of Omotodake of Ishigakijima Island as well as Komidake and Gozadake of Iriomotejima Island. The height of the stem and the size of leaf appear to change depending on the location where it grows. Its flowering cycle is unknown, but in a certain area the flowers bloom all at once. In Okinawa, there are about 40 known agricultural species of bamboo in addition to Pleioblastus linearis. The Japan Bamboo Association designated Pleioblastus linearis as the prefectural bamboo of Okinawa in 1965.


【tree】 : ornamental use
【culm】 : construction auxiliary material, material for fence, knitting, agricultural material, shaft of arrow
【branch, leaf】 : roofing material

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Omorosaushi (1293 of Volume 19) Take

Meaning of the song
Ufuya of Yunanmi
Builds a fence to grow bamboo
How fine the shaft of Aji’s arrow used for attacking is