Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Pinus luchuensis

General description

Omoro name Matsu
Japanese name Ryukyumatsu
Family name Pinaceae
Okinawan name Mahchi, Machi

Location within the park


Pinus luchuensis is an evergreen coniferous tree that is seen from the coastal lowland to mountainous region and grows to be 82 feet tall. It is useful against tidal floods and as a windbreaker. It is an endemic species of the Ryukyu Islands, and is grown on each island from the Tokara Islands in the north to Yonagunijima Island in the south excluding the Daito Islands. It is a monoecious tree with bark similar to Pinus thunbergii, and its leaves grow in pairs. This tree has the shape of an umbrella when it is mature. It has excellent resistance against wind, salt, and dryness, and is utilized for urban greening due to its plasticity to the environment and its beautiful tree form. In 1972, being a representative tree of Okinawa, it was designated as the “prefectural tree of Okinawa”.


【tree】 : tide-water control forest, windbreak forest, garden tree, park tree, street tree
【wood】 : fuel wood, construction material, furniture material

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Omorosaushi (281 of Volume 5) Matsu

Meaning of the song
The row of pine trees
That was planned by King Sho Shin
Bless King Sho Shin for victory in the future
Spread out your branches into a conspicuous figure
(omit the rest)