Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Cryptomeria japonica

General description

Omoro name Suki
Japanese name Sugi
Family name Taxodiaceae
Okinawan name Shiji, Shigi

Location within the park


Cryptomeria japonica is said to be native to Japan and China, and is an evergreen tree that is widely planted as an essential tree species for forestry in Japan. Its Japanese name “Sugi” stands for “tree that grows straight up”, and is also written in the “Yamato-honzo” that “It is called Sugi due to the fact that it grows straight up”. It grows to be the largest among the coniferous trees found in Japan, and there are giant trees known to have a trunk diameter of about 10 - 26 feet and a height of 164 feet. Its flower is monoecious. Its oval-shaped male flowers grow on the tip of some branches forming a shape of an ear of grain, and one spherical female flower grows on the tip of other branches.


【wood】 : construction material for Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and houses, furniture, tools, public works, material for building ships, masts, buckets, sake casks
【bark】 : for roof covering
【leaf】 : for lighting fire, material for incense sticks, medicinal use for curing cuts and burns from hot water
【tree】 : garden tree

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Omorosaushi (1404 of Volume 21) Suki

Meaning of the song
When the Makochi wind blows
When the free wind blows
Please let the village community of Arakaki prosper