Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Citrus depressa

General description

Omoro name Koganege
Japanese name Hirami Lemon
Family name Rutaceae
Okinawan name Kuganih, Shihkwahsah

Location within the park


Citrus depressa is a small-sized evergreen broadleaf tree that naturally grows mainly in mountainous regions and limestone regions where drainage is good, and grows to be about 16 feet tall. Its fruit ripens between November and February with a diameter of 0.8 - 1.2 inches which has many variations in size and taste and is said to be divided into 7 - 8 kinds of phylogeny. Its name also differs depending on the region where it is grown, such as “Izumi kuganih” and “Oogimi kuganih”. It is found from Amami Oshima Island in the north to the islands of Okinawa and Taiwan in the south. In Okinawa, it grows naturally and is cultivated mainly in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa; Izumi of Motobu Town, Katsuyama and Yabu of Nago City, and Kijoka of Oogimi Village.


【fruit】 : for eating fresh, drink, accompaniment to sashimi, health food, removing harshness from dietary fiber, color fixative
【tree】 : Parent stock for citrus fruits cultivated in Okinawa such as Tankan and Kahbuchih

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Omorosaushi (75 of Volume 2) Koganege

Meaning of the song
Plant trees of Citrus in the Ayamiya Garden of Goeku Castle.
How beautiful it is to see the top priestess dancing under the citrus trees
In the garden of Goeku Castle