Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum


General description

Omoro name Kuhishi
Japanese name Toutsurumodoki
Family name Flagellariaceae
Okinawan name Yamatuh, Habuigii, Kuji

Location within the park


Flagellaria indica L. is a large-sized climbing plant that grows in mountainous regions and in the forest edge along the coast where there is lots of sunshine. It grows to be over 33 feet long, and its leaves are 6 to 10 inches long with cirrus on the tip. Its flower grows in May and June in a cluster forming a shape like an ear of grain, and its fruit is round and red. The farthest north it can be seen is in Tokunoshima, and then heading south to Yoron Island, the Okinawa Islands and Sakishima Islands and then in Taiwan, southern China to India, Malaysia and Polynesia. The cirrus on the tip of its leaves winds around other plants. On Taketomi Island, Flagellaria indica L. is still used for the base of tiled roofs as a traditional construction method in order to preserve the scenery of houses with beautiful red roofs. On Kudaka Island, it is used for the crown worn by priestess at religious services.


【culm】 : riding crop
【stem】 : basket, knitting, binding of roof

Best Time To See Calendar

Omorosaushi 12 of Volume 1 Kuhishi

Meaning of the song
Lord priestess, please provide your spiritual power
To this famous mountain
To this echoing mountain
To the Flagellaria indica L. of Serumashi (name of place)
To the rush of Shimajiri