Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Prunus campanulata

General description

Omoro name Sakura
Japanese name Hikanzakura
Family name Rosaceae
Okinawan name Sakura

Location within the park


Prunus campanulata is a deciduous tree that grows to be about 33 feet tall. Its flower is about 0.4 inches in diameter, and blooms in a bell shape facing downward. Although Prunus yedoensis loses its petals fluttering one by one when flowering is over, the petals of Prunus campanulata fall in clusters. Its place of origin is Taiwan and southern China, and can also be seen in Japan in areas such as southern Kyushu and Izu Atami. On Amami Oshima Island and Kikaishima Island, it is called Shiwasu-bana (December Flower) since it blooms around December, and on Okinoerabujima Island, it is called Setsubun-bana. It is also known as “Kanhi-zakura” and is commonly known in Okinawa as the most typical cherry tree.


【tree】 : garden trees, street decorating trees, park trees
【wood】 : sculpture wood, for decoration
【bark】 : for craft, medicinal use

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Omorosaushi 989 of Volume 14 Sakura

Meaning of the song
Just like how Prunus campanulata of Nishitake mountain bloom
Kimishi priestess shall dance with flexibility
Just like how Prunus campanulata bloom in clusters on Higatake mountain
Kimishi priestess shall dance with flexibility
We are blessed with beautiful sunshade provided by the great mountain
We are blessed with a beautiful umbrella provided by the great forest