Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum

Boehmeria nivea bar. Nivea

General description

Omoro name Mao
Japanese name Nanbankaramushi
Family name Urticaceae
Okinawan name Mahu, Bu

Location within the park


Boehmeria nivea bar. nivea is a perennial herb that grows to be 3.3 - 6.6 feet tall and has leaves with coarse hair. It is found in Japan as well as areas from Southeast Asia including China to Polynesia. In Okinawa, it can be found growing widely in the fields and mountains of each island. The agricultural species are a selected species as opposed to wild species, and have tough fibers. It is believed that the quality of the agricultural species declines when joints of the stem increase, hence they are grown in places where there is little wind. It is said that in Japan there are 10 to 20 species of Boehmeria, which this species is categorized under. However, because it variates in many ways, it is difficult to actually categorize. Showa Village of Fukushima prefecture is the only place of cultivation known on the main island of Japan.


【bark】 : textile, ritualistic tool
【stem, leaf】 : medicinal use, livestock feed

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Omorosaushi (855 of Volume 13) Mao

Meaning of the song
Ply fine strings and make a leveling string
Ply strings of Boehmeria nivea bar. nivea and make hand rope
Make the ocean calm
And let’s spread out the magnificent sail and sail out to the ocean